X-Blades Walkthrough 2


The Fork in the Road

  1. Thankfully this level is completely free of flying enemies. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  2. The only thing new you'll find here is a Pangolin Sorcerer. These guys like to hang back while the Pangolin Warriors keep you busy and blast away at you with magical blasts. They resist magic so stick with your sword + earthquake combo to deal with both the Sorcerers and the Warriors that surround you.
  3. Since you're going to be primarily using your swords here, you also might want to keep Fire Blades on at all times to deal some extra damage.
  4. After the level is clear, break the statue to the right of the exit to the next level to grab another Silver Artifact Part (3)
  5. NOTE: If you've been following this guide, this should be your third Silver Artifact Part. Your guns have now been upgraded to deal more damage.
  6. Exit through the golden sparkly door to move on to the enxt level.

Observation Site

  1. There won't be any enemies in this level just yet. For now just run straight ahead until a cutscene triggers.
  2. It's a trap! When you gain control back you'll be stuck in a room with spikes that shoot out of the ground in specific patterns.
  3. The first pattern is fairly obvious. The spikes will come one row at a time from top to bottom. Simply jump over them and then return to the middle of the room when the spikes pass.
  4. It'll repeat this four times and then the pattern will change from bottom to top.
  5. After four repeats of that, stay at the middle and wait. The spikes will start to try and box you in. Wait until the area you're standing on is the only safe place left and then double jump and rapidly fire your guns. This will keep your descent slow and will keep you from hitting the spikes.
  6. After that, head for the bottom right part of the room (With Ayumi's back facing the gate) and wait. The spikes will trap you in that corner.
  7. Wait for the spikes to the left to retract and then run to where the spikes were. Continue this cycle of waiting for the spikes to retract and then walking over to where the spikes were. This will continue for a while
  8. When the spikes all retract, they're going to repeat the first three patterns again. So top to bottom four times, bottom to top four times, then box in the middle.
  9. After that, run towards the gate and just wait for a cutscene to come.
  10. Once you regain control, you'll be thrust into another battle against Pangos and Phantoms. This should be pretty standard stuff to you by now, but now that your guns have been upgraded, they have become a more viable option for taking down Phantoms. Turn on Fireblades and use your guns on the Phantoms if you're low on rage.
  11. Head into the ruins on the left side (with Ayumi facing the stairs) and you'll not only find a green crystal to restore your health, but also a Ruby Artifact Part (3) and a Gold Artifact Part (3), upgrading both your aerial attacks and your regular melee attacks.
  12. Once you finish cleaning up the rest of the enemies, the exit to the next level is across from the stairs on the bottom floor.


Deadly Passage

  1. This can be pretty frustrating because the maneuver that they want you to perform doesn't really work that well.
  2. The object is to roll past a bunch of guillotines and make it to the level exit. To perform a roll, you're apparently supposed to tap Forward, Forward + A. This has a habit of only working when the game feels like it, and will usually end up with you jumping into the guillotine instead of rolling past it.
  3. There may be easier ways to do this, but here's what I did. Turn the camera so that it's facing Ayumi's right shoulder. I found it much easier to press Right two times in quick succession than pressing Up two times in quick succession and the game agreed with me.
  4. Keep a good amount of distance between you and the blade before you attempt your roll. That way if you do end up jumping instead of rolling, you have enough time to pull yourself back without getting cut.
  5. Note that if the blade falls, it won't come back up, so you might be able to bait it into coming down by rolling forward and then quickly rolling back.
  6. Once you get past the four guillotines you'll make it to the end of the level.

The Ruins Above the Sea (Revisited)

  1. You've already been here so the only reason why you might want to stick around is to get some extra souls.
  2. TIP: The next Boss fight will be a lot more manageable with the Sparkling Sword spell. It costs 7000 souls so if you don't have enough at the moment, this would be a good place to do some soul farming.
  3. Head through the golden glowing exit to return to The Fork in the Road.

The Fork in the Road (Revisited)

  1. Again, you have no obligation to fight these guys. Just head through the golden glowing door straight ahead to move on to the next level.

The Death Arena

BOSS: The Dark

  1. I'm going to assume and hope that you have the Sparkling Sword spell for this fight, because otherwise you're in for a very long battle.
  2. Unlike The Light who was pretty much content with just shooting you with projectiles from a distance, The Dark will constantly be dashing around and running up close to slash at your face.
  3. The strategy here is to build up your rage meter to nearly max and then lock on to The Dark so you can hit him with your Sparkling Sword spell.
  4. This will still take a long time since one Sparkling Sword will only take off about one small bar of life from the boss, so you'll have to be patient and make good use of the red and green crystals lying around the arena.
  5. Try to stay away from The Dark at all times unless you're trying to get in close to use Sparkling Sword. If you get in a melee war with him, you will lose.
  6. As for other spells, The Dark has heavy resistance to any elemental spells so just keep Earthquake and Teleportation in your hot keys just so you can get out of tight spots.
  7. Once The Dark has been defeated, all of the other enemies will automatically disappear and the level will be complete.
  8. Make a sweep of the arena to destroy the sarcophagi and find a Sliver Artifact Part (4) and a Gold Artifact Part (4)
  9. Exit through the glowing door to move on to the next level.

The Ruins 2

  1. Walk forward a bit and the doors will seal, locking you in a room filled with Pangos and Crabs. You know what to do here. Build up rage from the Pangos, use Earthquake to kill the crabs.
  2. Once the doorways become unsealed, take some time to destroy the Sarcophagi and pots in this room for some extra souls. Some will release Phantoms when they're broken so be alert.
  3. Head left from the entrance towards the doorway with the blue sky. Upon entering, the doorway will become sealed again and you'll have to fight Pangos, Pangolin Warriors, and Phantoms all at once. Remember that your upgraded guns are now fairly effective against Phantoms, so make use of them.
  4. Once the coast is clear, destroy all of the objects around to make some serious bank on souls. Through killing the enemies that were here and through breaking all of the objects, you'll get yourself about 10,000 souls.
  5. Head back to the main room and now head through the doorway on the opposite side.
  6. As you might have guessed, upon entry the doors will seal and you'll be faced with more enemies. This time you'll have to deal with lots of Phantoms and a few Pangolin Warriors.
  7. Once the area is clear, head through the unsealed path on the left side and follow it to another open area that will soon become sealed off.
  8. Your final group of enemies include Crabs, Pangos, and Phantoms. Nothing you haven't seen or dealt with before.
  9. Jump on top of the platform along the wall to find another Ruby Artifact Part (4)
  10. After you finish off this final wave of enemies, the level will be clear and the exit will be right in front of you.

The Stone Alley

BOSS: Ice Elemental

  1. You've faced these before, but this time there is only one and it can take a lot of punishment before it finally goes down.
  2. The tricky part about this fight is that, once again, there is no way for you to accumulate rage and the only way to hurt this boss is to use a fire spell.
  3. This fight is also made frustrating by the fact that the boss shoots homing ice projectiles at you that can go through walls, make you go much slower, and will ensure that if you get hit by one, you're very likely going to get hit by the rest of them as well.
  4. My suggestion on an attack strategy would be to equip both the Fireball and Fire Blades spells. Have Fire Blades on at all time and keep on shooting at the Ice Elemental with your guns when you don't have enough rage. When you get hit by his ice spells, you'll gain enough rage to hit him with a couple of fireballs.
  5. TIP: If you have the souls to afford it, you might want to look into grabbing the Furious Shooting upgrade. It costs 21,500 souls and will double the rate of fire for your guns at the slight cost of some rage.
  6. Thankfully he pauses after his attacks, so you'll always have a good opportunity to go to the Skills Menu and buy some health refills if you're running low.
  7. Like the battle with The Dark, this fight is going to require some patience. He's got a lot of health to begin with, and it's just made worse by the fact that he makes you attack very slowly every time you get frozen. Keep at it though and you'll eventually bring him down.
  8. Continue down the hall to end the level.

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