X-Blades Walkthrough 3


The Seashell

  1. This is another Monster Generator level, so in order to clear it and stop the monsters from spawning, you'll have to destroy all of the Generators and then all of the regular enemies.
  2. Proceed ahead until the monsters start spawning, then retrace your steps and take out the Monster Generator that appears at the top of the small staircase you just climbed.
  3. There is another Monster Generator on the bottom floor at the end of the nearby tunnel. Take it out and then ascend the long staircase.
  4. The next Monster Generator is by a stack of boxes. Be careful here though, there is a Pangolin Sorcerer nearby who will be bombarding you with fireballs. Take him out quickly through whatever means you have available. I found that the same Fire Blades + Furious Shooting + Guns combination used on the Ice Elemental also worked well on these guys.
  5. After you kill the generator by the boxes, head to where the Pangolin Sorcerer was and head into the narrow passage along the wall to find another generator.
  6. Now turn around and face the stairs. Hug the left wall and follow the path around to find another Monster Generator. Once you take it out, hop over the gap and take out the generator right across from it.
  7. Head inside the nearby structure to take some cover from all of the fireballs and to take out the next Generator. Break some pots while you're at it to gain some extra souls.
  8. Now head up the next set of stairs and you'll see two Monster Generators ahead. Take out the farthest one first and use the pillar as cover from the fireballs being sent your way.
  9. Kill the Pangolin Sorcerers really fast with your Fire Blades + Guns combo and then take out the other Monster Generator up here.
  10. Climb the stairs up to the bridge and take out the last Monster Generator to stop the enemies from spawning.
  11. Clean up the remaining enemies and you'll be done with this tough level. Head back up to the bridge and travel through the hall until you reach the exit.

Blades of Death

  1. There's really nothing to say here. Just run across the spinning bridge of blades without getting hit or falling off. You should be able to get through it by just holding forward and making slight adjustments to your direction in order to avoid the blades.
  2. Continue through the hall to reach the next level.

The Great Gates

BOSS: The Queen Spider

  1. Head up the stairs and across the bridge to meet the next boss.
  2. The Queen Spider will be surrounded by regular spiders as well as little flying creatures that look like X's. The spiders will help you build rage, while the annoying flying creature will prevent the Queen Spider from getting hit by magic.
  3. Use your guns to shoot down all of the flying X's to open the Queen up to magic attacks. The Dark Ball spell seems to work the best, so keep up a constant barrage with that while her defenses are down.
  4. Eventually the flying X's will come back and you'll have to shoot them all down again. Keep up this process of taking down the X's, building up rage from the spiders, and shooting the Queen with Dark Balls.
  5. You'll probably be taking a fair amount of damage through this strategy, so make sure to utilize the green crystals on both sides of the arena.
  6. When the Queen falls, clean up the remaining small Spiders and you'll clear the level.
  7. Don't leave just yet though. There are still some goods to be had here. Turn around to face the bridge and head to the rail on the left.
  8. Double jump over the rail and aim to land on the grassy balcony where you'll find another Silver Artifact Part (6)
  9. TIP: This will increase your guns to level two and will now allow you to aim at two enemies at once by locking on to one and moving in the direction of another.
  10. Repeat the same thing for the rail on the right side to find an item that will grant you a bunch of souls.
  11. Now drop back down and exit through the golden doorway.

The Arched Bridge

  1. TIP: You're going to need an ice spell for both this and the next level. You should have enough souls to at least purchase Ice Arrows. Buy it and then assign it to one of the spell buttons.
  2. Walk along the bridge and you'll eventually trigger an attack by a group of Fire Elementals. Thankfully these guys aren't nearly as annoying as Ice Elementals since their attacks won't cause any status changes in you.
  3. Use your newly purchases Ice Arrows to bring down the Fire Elementals in one hit and use the red crystals on both sides of the bridge to fuel your rage.
  4. Once you clear the area of Fire Elementals, you'll then be attacked by massive amounts of Phantoms. Thankfully they are no longer any match for you with your Level 2 Guns and Furious Shooting.
  5. Once all the Phantoms are gone, you have to deal with one more wave of Fire Elementals. Finish them off and then head towards the glowing exit to reach the next level.

The Way to the Temple

  1. Run around for a bit and you'll eventually be struck with the curse again. When you regain control you'll be attacked by waves of Pangos and Crabs. Since your guns are so useful now, you can avoid having to use earthquake and just shoot down all of the Crabs.
  2. The next group of enemies to attack you will be Phantoms and they may start spawning while you're still taking out Pangos. Double jump and continuously fire your guns to take out the Phantoms and then use Earthquake when you touch ground to deal with the Pangos.
  3. During the wave of Phantoms, some Sixwings will start spawning as well. Sixwings deal a lot more damage than Phantoms if they run into you so try to pin point them and take them out first.
  4. TIP: Your life can go down extremely fast during this wave of enemies without you even realizing it. Keep a close eye on your health and a finger ready to hit the Back button to bring up the Skills Menu for a health refill.
  5. Pangolin Warriors make up the next wave of enemies you'll have to fight in this level. Wail on them with melee attacks and use Earthquakes if they start to overwhelm you.
  6. During this wave you'll also have to fight against a few Galapagos. There are two spawn locations for Galapagi: By the exit at the end of the long hall and on the end opposite of where the entrance to the level was.
  7. The quickest way to kill a Galapagos is to just use a single Sparking Swords spell on them.
  8. Keep on killing the Galapagi until they stop spawning and then turn your attention to the Pangolin Warriors that have been swarming you this whole time. Once they're dead, the level will be clear.
  9. Take some time to break all of the statues that line the long hallway to gain some extra souls as well as another Gold Artifact Piece (6).
  10. Exit through the glowing door to make it to the next level.

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