X-Blades Walkthrough 4


The Dark Temple

BOSS: The Dark

  1. It's time for round two with The Dark. Before we jump into battle though, let's prepare ourselves. You're going to need Ice Arrows (Or Ice Flower if you have it) and Sparkling Sword assigned to two of your spell buttons.
  2. When the battle begins, The Dark will be surrounded by six Pangolin Sorcerers with black electricity binding them together. Focus on taking out all of these sorcerers first. Ice Arrows will kill them in one hit, but you won't get any rage out of them unless you attack them with your blades.
  3. Once they all go down, The Dark will charge towards you. Quickly blast him with an Ice Arrow to freeze him in his tracks.
  4. He'll be frozen for a while, so feel free to charge up your rage so you can use the Sparking Sword spell on him.
  5. Once the spell ends, immediately jump away and try to blast him with another Ice Arrow. If you freeze him, hit him with another Sparkling Sword. If he summons sorcerers again, repeat the above steps.
  6. Keep this up and eventually The Dark will crouch down and charge up a huge purple energy ball of death. You can't freeze him while he's doing this so just try to get far away.
  7. TIP: In all honestly, I don't know how to avoid this attack. The good news is that it's extremely slow moving so you have plenty of time to pause and buy health refills to ensure you can withstand it. It'll deal about half a life bar worth of damage.
  8. Eventually, the Pangolin Sorcerers will be replaced by Pangolin Warriors and they'll leave the Dark's side to hunt you down. This is good news for you though because it means The Dark will be more vulnerable.
  9. Keep your distance until you're able to freeze The Dark with an Ice Arrow. Once he's frozen, hit him with another Sparkling Blade to take another large chunk out of his health.
  10. After getting hit, The Dark will generally teleport away from you and continue throwing Dark Balls. Just continue this strategy of freezing him and then using the Sparkling Blade spell and he'll go down in no time.

The Dark Temple (Evening)

  1. Collect some of the silver diamonds or break some statues for extra souls if you wish, but there's really nothing else to do here. Just run for the golden exit.

The Long Descent

  1. Run ahead until you reach a blocked off doorway. At this point you'll be attacked by a bunch of Pangos. Take them out and then proceed through the doorway.
  2. Head down the steps to find another blocked off path. Since you can't go through that way, head down the path to the right of the blocked section.
  3. At the bottom of the stairs you'll find another Ruby Artifact Part (6) and will then be attacked by more Pangos. After getting rid of them, head out of the room and proceed down the next set of stairs to get attacked by more Pangos.
  4. After this wave of enemies, the level will be completed. Continue moving forward to another set of stairs which will take you down to the golden glowing exit.


  1. When you start this level you'll receive a notice telling you that you've learned two new gun skills: Wide Shot and Mega Shot.
  2. To be completely honest, neither of these skills are that useful, but you need to use them in this level in order to defeat the enemies.
  3. The first group of enemies can only be killed with the Wide Shot. Press Left on the D-Pad to switch to it and unload on the crabs until the room is clear.
  4. Once you kill all of the crabs, you'll then be faced with a huge Pangolin Warrior who can only be killed with the Mega Shot. Press Right on the D-Pad to switch to it and then hold down RT until you hear a noise indicating that it's fully charged.
  5. Kill 5 of these Pangolin Warriors and the level will be clear. Proceed through the hallway to reach the golden exit.
  6. TIP: Before you leave, press Down on the D-Pad to switch back to your Furious Shooting mode. You'll find that it's much more effective than the other two modes.

The Abandoned Coast (Evening)

  1. Equip Ice Arrow to one of your spell buttons if you don't have it equipped already and focus on taking out the Fire Elementals that start appearing.
  2. Crabs will also be wandering around, but they're not too much of a concern. In fact, if they do manage to damage you, they'll just succeed in giving you rage so you might as well keep them around for a bit.
  3. When the Fire Elementals go down, Pangolin Warriors will take their place. Turn on some kind of elemental blades spell and take it to them with melee attacks and Earthquakes to get rid of the left over Crabs.
  4. TIP: A really easy and effective way to clear the enemies in this level is to turn on Lightning Blades, position yourself at the beach end of the level facing the ruins, and just keep up nonstop fire straight ahead to kill the spawning Warriors.
  5. At about halfway through the wave of enemies some Phantoms will join in the fun, which will make your job even easier.
  6. Blast away at the Phantoms with lightning charged guns until the Warriors come back for one final push.
  7. The final group of enemies in this level will be Spiders. They're tougher to deal with than Phantoms and Warriors, but they still will fall to your lightning charged blades and guns.
  8. When the fighting ends, you'll find the artifact parts for this level at the exact same places they were before. Check the structures at both ends of the beach to find a Gold Artifact Part (7) and a Silver Artifact Part (7).
  9. Head through the golden glowing exit which is also at the same place it was before to move on to the next level.
  10. TIP: You're going to need the Ice Flower spell for the next level, so make sure you've got enough souls to purchase it.

The Stone Circle (Evening)

BOSS: Ancient Sixwing

  1. This time you've got a new giant boss to fight on this level. The Ancient Sixwing won't do much other than shoot Dark Balls at you so you don't have to worry about multiple attacks coming from the actual boss.
  2. What makes this boss a pain though is the fact that it is not vulnerable unless you kill all of the Pangos that it is connected to via the black electricity at once.
  3. That's where the Ice Flower spell comes in. Let all of the Pangos surround you and then build up your rage until you're able to execute the spell. This will freeze all of the Pangos and will cut off the black electricity.
  4. Without the protection of the black electricity, the boss is completely vulnerable. I found that using Lightning Blades + Guns + Furious Shooting is the quickest and most effective way to deal damage to the Ancient Sixwing.
  5. Eventually the boss will bring back the Pangos and you'll have to repeat the process of freezing them and then shooting the boss.
  6. Take note of the multitude of crystals in the level and be sure to use them whenever you need a quick refill of health or rage.
  7. Keep up the attack and you should be able to slowly but surely bring the boss's health down to nothing and complete the level.
  8. Before you leave, be sure to pick up the Ruby Artifact Part (7) in the same location that it was at last time in this level. On the beach opposing the golden glowing exit to the level.

Stairway to Heaven (Evening)

BOSS: Dark Guardian

  1. Finally you'll be able to kill that flying purple orb that you've seen in previous levels. Head up to the top of the stairway and get ready for the fight.
  2. If you don't have it already, you're going to need at least the spell Light Blades to take this boss down. Ray of Light would be great too.
  3. Despite not being actually called a Dark Elemental, the Dark Guardian behaves just like all of the other Elementals that you've faced so far. It'll shoot either a single blast of dark energy at you, or it will shoot several homing projectiles that can be shot down.
  4. The Dark Guardian's attacks are a bit more damaging than the previous Elementals that you've faced, so once again, keep a close eye on your health meter and don't let it dip too low.
  5. The good news is that, for the most part, the Dark Guardian itself won't move around much, so you can just focus completely on blasting away at it with Light spells. Light Blades + Guns works well, as does just blasting it with Ray of Lights.
  6. The one time that it will rush towards you is when it splits into multiple orbs. When this happens just keep moving while shooting down the orbs one at a time with your Light Blades activated. Eventually they'll all reform back into one and the boss will return to its usual location.
  7. Once the boss is dead you can exit through the glowing doorway on the top part of the level. There are no longer any artifact parts here during the evening.

The Ruins Above the Sea (Evening)

  1. The set-up for this level is basically the same as it was in the daytime, only this time the enemies are Fire Elementals, Ice Elementals, and Dark Guardians. Equip Fireball, Ice Arrow, and Ray of Light to three of your spell buttons, with some sort of elemental blade spell on the fourth so you can take down generators faster.
  2. Despite the different enemies, the strategy is the same. Move from Monster Generator to Monster Generator and focus almost completely on taking them out. If you're getting frustrated about getting frozen, then you could kill any nearby Ice Elementals to give you some momentary reprieve, but remember that as long as a single Monster Generator is still around, they'll endlessly respawn.
  3. Once all of the generators are dead, match your three spells to their opposing element. Ice Arrows to take out Fire Elementals, Fireballs to take out Ice Elementals, and Ray of Lights to take out Dark Guardians.
  4. When the level is clear, head through the golden exit to move on once again to the Fork in the Road.

The Fork in the Road (Evening)

  1. Just lots and lots of Phantoms in here. Simply shoot them down with the same tried and true method of elemental blades plus your guns.
  2. Another Silver Artifact Part (8) lies in the same statue as before. Break it open and claim your prize.
  3. You'll notice that there are two glowing exits this time. Through the lone doorway opposite of where you came in is another boss fight where it is highly recommended that you have the Lightning Range spell. Through the doorway next to where you came in is the Observation Site where you'll have to fight a long and fairly tough battle that will most likely give you the 1,350,000 souls that you need to purchase Lightning Range, along with two Artifact parts.
  4. This walkthrough will assume that you went to the Observation Site since you likely want those two Artifact parts and don't have enough souls to afford Lightning Range anyway.

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