X-Blades Walkthrough 5


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  1. Head through the room where you were trapped with the spikes previously and then jump down to start a very long and hard fought battle against an absolutely massive amount of Spiders, Crabs, Pangolin Warriors, and Pangos.
  2. For this fight I'd recommend assigning Ice Flower, Lightform (or Darkform if you want), Lightning Blades, and Earthquake to your four spell buttons.
  3. Ice Flower is great for freezing a large amount of enemies at once so that you can take them out in small bunches. It also helps keep your combo meter alive by ensuring that you don't get hit when you're surrounded.
  4. Lightform and Darkform are special spells that increase Ayumi's speed dramatically and can be absolutely devastating when paired with an elemental blade spell (like Lightning Blades) and your guns. The only downside is that you can't gain rage while in this mode and can only sustain it for a limited amount of time, as indicated by the blue diamonds on left side of your health bar.
  5. Finally, use Earthquake to kill those annoying Crabs if they surround you and leave you in a position where its hard to use your guns.
  6. Once the level is clear, take some time to explore the area and even more to your growing collection of souls. You can also find the two artifact parts in this level by heading past the pillars into the shady area where you'll find a Gold Artifact Part (8) and a Ruby Artifact Part (8).
  7. Head through the glowing exit when you're done soul and artifact collecting.

Deadly Passage (Evening)

  1. This is the same exact level as last time except the blades will now kill you in one hit instead of two.

The Ruins Above the Sea (Evening) - Visit #2

  1. Unless you really want to do this whole level all over again, just make a dash for the exit leading to The Fork in the Road.

The Fork in the Road (Evening) - Visit #2

  1. If you still need some more souls to afford the Lightning Range spell, this is a good place to do some farming. When you're ready, head through the lone door ahead.

The Death Arena (Evening)

BOSS: Depressor

  1. The boss himself actually isn't anything to worry about. All it does is wander around aimlessly and fires machine guns that don't hurt much every now and then.
  2. The large Spiders that he spawns however, are a huge pain in the ass. This is where Lightning Range comes in. Both the Depressor himself and the Spiders are vulnerable to lightning, and it just so happens that the spell bounces from target to target, dealing damage each time it hits.
  3. As long as you have Lightning Range, this fight is really a no-brainer. All you have to do is continuously run around the boss firing off Lightning Ranges whenever your rage permits you. As long as you don't get close to the Depressor, keep the lightning attacks coming at a steady pace, and keep a close eye on your health, this fight shouldn't give you that much trouble.
  4. Once the fight ends, break the sarcophagi at both ends of the arena to find a Silver Artifact Part (9) and a Gold Artifact Part (9), both of which should bring your melee and guns level to max.
  5. Head through the golden glowing doorway to move on to the next level.

The Ruins II (Evening)

  1. Warriors and Phantoms are all you have to worry about in this first room. Once they're dead, you can either head through the doorway leading to the outside for another fight and some more souls, or you can head down the other path and progress further in the level.
  2. If you decide to go outside, be ready to fight Phantoms, Pangos, and Pangolin Warriors.
  3. Otherwise, head down the path leading to the room with the columns. The exits will seal and you'll be faced with more Pangos and Phantoms.
  4. Continue down the path to the left of the blocked off exit until you reach the outdoors.
  5. Jump up on the platform to find another Ruby Artifact Part (9), which will max out your airstrike abilities.
  6. Finish up the Pangos, Phantoms, and Pangolin Warriors in this area and you'll complete the level.
  7. Head through the nearby glowing exit to continue on.

The Stone Alley (Evening)

  1. Head down the steps to reach the hallway where you fought the Ice Elemetanl Boss. Instead of a boss though, instead you'll have to fight against some special Spiders.
  2. These spiders can only be hurt by magic, so you might as well use the magic that works best on them - Lightning Range.
  3. The Spiders will be joined by Pangolin Warriors but all that means is that the lightning has more places to bounce off of.
  4. Build your rage by hitting the Pangolin Warriors and then fire off constant streams of Lightning Range spells to eventually clear the level.
  5. Break the statues to gain some extra souls and a now useless Silver Artifact Part.
  6. Continue down the hallway, down the stairs, and through the golden doorway.

The Seashell (Evening)

  1. The only differences between this level in the evening and this level in the daytime is a single Golden Artifact Piece and the addition of Fire Elementals. So, in order to make things easier for both of us, I'll just copy and paste what was written before and make the small adjustments.
  2. This is another Monster Generator level, so in order to clear it and stop the monsters from spawning, you'll have to destroy all of the Generators and then all of the regular enemies.
  3. Proceed ahead until the monsters start spawning, then retrace your steps and take out the Monster Generator that appears at the top of the small staircase you just climbed.
  4. There is another Monster Generator on the bottom floor at the end of the nearby tunnel. Take it out and then ascend the long staircase.
  5. The next Monster Generator is by a stack of boxes. Be careful here though, there is a Pangolin Sorcerer nearby who will be bombarding you with fireballs. Take him out quickly through whatever means you have available. I found that the same Fire Blades + Furious Shooting + Guns combination used on the Ice Elemental also worked well on these guys.
  6. After you kill the generator by the boxes, head to where the Pangolin Sorcerer was and head into the narrow passage along the wall to find another generator.
  7. Now turn around and face the stairs. Hug the left wall and follow the path around to find another Monster Generator. Once you take it out, hop over the gap and take out the generator right across from it.
  8. Head inside the nearby structure to take some cover from all of the fireballs and to take out the next Generator. Break some pots while you're at it to gain some extra souls. You'll also find a Golden Artifact Part in plain sight.
  9. Now head up the next set of stairs and you'll see two Monster Generators ahead. Take out the farthest one first and use the pillar as cover from the fireballs being sent your way.
  10. Kill the Pangolin Sorcerers really fast with your Fire Blades + Guns combo and then take out the other Monster Generator up here.
  11. Climb the stairs up to the bridge and take out the last Monster Generator to stop the enemies from spawning.
  12. Clean up the remaining enemies and you'll be done with this tough level. Head back up to the bridge and travel through the hall until you reach the exit.

The Blades of Death (Evening)

  1. This level is mostly unchanged except the pole spins a little faster and there are more blades.
  2. What you should do is wait until you see three long sections of blades pass by. The next group of blades should have a break at the beginning, the ones after that will have a break in the middle, and the ones after that will a small break near the end.
  3. Once you make it to the other side, head up the stairs and through the hallway to get to the next level.

The Great Gates (Evening)

BOSS: The Dark

  1. It's time for your third, final, and actually easiest fight against The Dark.
  2. For this fight you're going to want the spells Ray of Light, Ice Flower, Fireball, and Ice Arrow mapped to your four spell buttons.
  3. When The Dark is the only enemy on the screen, then he's completely vulnerable and you should be blasting away at him with the Ray of Light spell.
  4. After you get a couple of shots in, he'll either summon a bunch of elementals to light the torches in the middle of the arena, or he'll summon a bunch of Pangolin Warriors
  5. If he lights the torches, then you have to blow them out by using the opposing element on each elemental. As always use Ray of Light on dark, Ice Arrows on fire, and Fireball on Ice.
  6. If he summons Pangolin Warriors, all you have to do is get them all bunched up and use your Ice Flower attack, which will immediately kill their link with The Dark and make him vulnerable.
  7. He may use a spell that will cause wind to blow you backwards. Fortunately there's a long and straight bridge behind you so as long as you hold forward, you shouldn't ever get pushed off the edge.
  8. Repeat this strategy of blasting him with Ray of Lights, destroying the Elementals he summons on the torches, getting rid of the Pangolins he summons with an Ice Flower, and then blasting him with more Ray of Lights until you finally put him down for good.

The Great Gates (Darkness)

BOSS: Obsessed Jay

  1. Jay has a very annoying habit of freezing you every 10 seconds which makes this battle a lot longer than it should be. Other than that he's pretty simple to beat.
  2. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the Phantoms flying around. Blast them with your pistols so that nothing gets in your way while you're trying to target Jay.
  3. Once the Phantoms are dead, just simply play hit and run with Jay by shooting a Ray of Light at him, running away as he attacks, shoot another one, and repeating until he summons more Phantoms.
  4. That's really all there is to this one. Jay doesn't have any other attacks other than freezing you, punching you a couple of times, and summoning Phantoms.
  5. Be sure to use the various crystals lying around to refill your rage to fuel those Ray of Lights.
  6. Once the fight ends there will be two more Artifact Parts to be found on this level. The first one, a Gold Artifact Part, is on the bottom floor behind the staircase to the right.
  7. The second, a Ruby Artifact Part, is found on the top floor in the same place that a part was found in the daytime. On the grassy balcony to the left of the bridge with Ayumi's back facing the exit door.
  8. Once you've finished collecting, head through the golden glowing door.

Entrance to the Castle

  1. Take a few steps forward out into the main room to trigger the first of many waves of enemies you'll be fighting in this level.
  2. The first wave is easy enough. Just a bunch of Pangolin Warriors, Pangos and Crabs. Switch out Ice Flower for Earthquake so you can easily get rid of the Crabs while still damaging the Warriors.
  3. Once all of the Pangos, Warriors and Crabs are dead, you can actually move ahead to the next room, despite the fact that Phantoms will start showing up.
  4. Through the doorway ahead is a room with a large statue that contains another Silver Artifact Part.
  5. Head down the right passageway and destroy the Monster Generator at the end of the room.
  6. Oddly enough, once the Monster Generator is destroyed, even more enemies will start spawning in greater varieties. You'll be attacked by both Spiders, Pangos and Pangolin Warriors. Equip Lightning Range and keep on moving around and casting until everything but you stops moving.
  7. When everything is dead and you're free to leave the area, head back into the main hallway and this time head to the other side and take out the Monster Generator over there.
  8. Once again, once the generator is dead, you'll be attacked by Warriors, Pangos and Spiders. Repeat the same process you did on the other side and you'll clear the level. Return to the middle and exit through the glowing door.

The Two Towers

  1. Head forward and a group of Pangolin Sorcerers will spawn that will teleport away whenever you try to either shoot them or slash them with your blades.
  2. Make sure Ray of Light is equipped and if you either have it or can afford it, equip Flash of Light as well. Charge up your rage and use the Ray of Light spell to take down each sorcerer one by one. With the Ray of Light it's one shot, one kill.
  3. After you get rid of them, more will spawn and will be joined by Pangos. Just use the Pangos for building rage and continuing focusing on eliminating all of the Sorcerers.
  4. Once the sorcerers are all dead and stop respawning, use a Flash of Light to get rid of all of the Pangos at once.
  5. Eliminating all of the Pangos will clear the level, allowing you to climb the steps and head through the glowing exit.
  6. TIP: Before you leave, completionists might want to destroy the sarcophagi in the room at the top of the stairs for the final Golden Artifact Part.

The Hall of Columns

  1. Head through the hallway and make your way up the stairs to reach the main arena.
  2. The first group of enemies are standard Phantoms. About halfway through their health bar they'll be joined by Pangolin Warriors and Pangos. Use Flash of Light to get rid of them easily.
  3. After that wave is finished, a new wave will spawn with a Galapagos as the main enemy you must kill. Fortunately you know what to do. Equip Sparking Sword and focus on taking the Galapagos out while building your rage off of the other enemies.
  4. Once the Galapagos goes down, you'll fight one more wave of Pangos and Pangolin Warriors. Continue the same strategy of building up rage and then using Flash of Light when surrounded.
  5. Once the level ends, break the sarcophagi to find another Artifact Part, then head up the stairs through the golden glowing doorway to reach the next level.

Underground Hall

  1. There is only one enemy in this level: a Giant Pango. It can only be killed by your level 3 shooting combo. To do this, just press X twice and then RT.
  2. Repeat this a couple of times and the Pango will fall, allowing you to move on to the final level.

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