X-Blades Walkthrough 6

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  • Final Battle
  • Achievements

Final Battle

  • YouTube: X-Blades Finale (Time: 4:41)

    BOSS: Obsessed Jay

    1. The final boss battle is finally upon us. Jay still has the same annoying habit of freezing you every chance he gets with the added annoying habit of causing spikes to rise out of the ground wherever you stand.
    2. The same basic strategy that we used last time still applies here. You want to use hit and run tactics with the Ray of Light spell.
    3. When Jay stops and raises his hands in the air, it means he's going to do the same huge dark ball spell that the Dark used during your second fight with him. Fortunately, you now have Lightform and can easily out run it. Keep on avoiding it until it eventually explodes.
    4. TIP: Remember that this is the final battle so there's no need to be conservative when it comes to souls. If you're looking for achievements, you can get two by buying all of the health regeneration upgrades and all of the special form upgrades. If you don't have enough souls to buy health refills after that, you can die on purpose, get the souls back, and still have the achievements.
    5. Because Jay himself is so fast, you might also want to save some Lightform power to get further away from him so you can blast him with more Ray of Lights before he gets close to you.
    6. Keep this up until Jay has had enough and enjoy one of the two endings!


    Easy Walk

    Complete game at normal difficulty - 10g

    Everyday business

    Complete game at Hard difficulty - 20g

    Tough fight

    Complete game at Pro difficulty - 30g

    Oops, are you OK?

    Kill your first monster - 10g

    Annoying fly

    Kill a monster in the air using blades - 10g

    Take that!

    Execute your first combo 10g

    Can't touch me

    Complete level without losing your health - 40g

    Can you EVER touch me?

    Complete 6 levels without losing your health - 60g

    Flawless victory

    Win a boss fight without losing your health - 50g

    Magic woman

    Complete level using only magic - 40g

    Being good is easy

    Complete game with a "good" ending at Normal difficulty - 20g

    Good girl

    Complete game with a "good" ending at Hard difficulty - 30g

    It's hard to be a good girl

    Complete game with a "good" ending at Pro difficulty - 50g

    Servant of the Dark

    Learn all Dark spells - 10g

    Light adept

    Learn all Light spells - 10g

    Finish him

    Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple - 50g

    Counter impossible

    Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter - 30g

    Dark side

    Execute Dark form for the first time - 20g

    Light side

    Execute Light form for the first time - 20g

    Lock and load

    Learn all shooting improvements - 50g

    Let's go shopping

    Use every item at least once - 30g

    Nice silver thingie

    Collect 3 silver artifact parts - 20g

    Nice gold thingie

    Collect 3 gold artifact parts - 20g

    Nice ruby thingie

    Collect 3 ruby artifact parts - 20g

    Shooting master

    Get maximum Shooting upgrade level - 20g

    Melee master

    Get maximum Melee upgrade level - 20g

    Airstrike master

    Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level - 20g

    Master of all skills

    Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level - 50g

    Unbelievable metabolism

    Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum - 20g

    I'm so special

    Learn all Special Form upgrades - 20g

    Monster hunter

    Kill 100 monsters = 10g

    Monster killer

    Kill 1000 monsters - 20g

    Famous monster eliminator

    Kill 10 000 monsters - 50g

    Soul collector

    Collect 5 000 souls - 10g

    Great soul collector

    Collect 50 000 souls - 20g

    Epic soul collector

    Collect 5 000 000 souls - 30g

    The best soul collector

    Collect 50 000 000 souls - 50g


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