X-Blades Walkthrough 1



  1. Left Stick: Movement
  2. Right Stick: Camera Movement
  3. A: Jump
  4. B: Spell 1
  5. Y: Spell 2
  6. X: Sword Attack
  7. RT: Gun Attack
  8. LT: Lock On
  9. RB: Spell 3
  10. LB: Spell 4
  11. Back: Bring up skills menu.


  1. In X-Blades, Rage is what you use to utilize Ayumi's special attacks.
  2. There are five ways to accumulate Rage: get attacked, attack enemies with your blades, break red Rage crystals, purchase a refill from the "Items" tab of the skills menu, or click and hold down the Left Stick.
  3. At the beginning of the game, you can buy a refill of rage for very cheap, much like you can for health. When fighting enemies where the only effective means of hitting them is by using a spell, just buy rage refills when you need to instead of trying to get it back by standing still and charging your meter.


  1. There are five types of Crystals in the game that can be broken for some kind of bonus.
  2. Red Crystals will refill your rage meter
  3. Green Crystals will refill your health
  4. Yellow Crystals give you souls, which are the currency of the game.
  5. Orange Crystals set your blades on fire and will allow you to deal fire damage
  6. Blue Crystals will freeze all nearby enemies.
  7. Crystals reappear over time, so make a note of where they are and check back every so often to get their bonuses again. 


  1. X-Blades doesn't use a standard level up system for improving Ayumi's abilities. Instead, you must find pieces of three types of artifacts to upgrade three aspects of your skills.
  2. Gold artifacts will improve Ayumi's sword skills
  3. Ruby artifacts improve Ayumi's aerial attacks
  4. Silver artifacts will improve Ayumi's gun skills. 

The Ruins 1

  1. When you gain control of Ayumi, smash some of the pots and jugs in this first room to gain some souls. Souls are what you use to buy new spells and purchase health and rage refills.
  2. When you're done, jump over the gap and head into the next area.
  3. You'll need to do a double jump in order to get on to the next ledge. Press A and then press A again at the top of your jump to make it on to the ledge.
  4. Drop down and then run into the open area ahead to get ambushed by your first group of Pangos.
  5. No skill involved in this fight. Just mash the X button and move the Left Stick in the direction of anything you want to die.
  6. Once all of the Pangos are dead, you'll be attacked by flying monsters called Sixwings. Use the Right Stick to aim your camera at the air and then hold down LT to lock on to them. When you're locked on, blast away at them with your guns with RT
  7. After killing all the Sixwings, open the skills menu by pressing the Back button and select Earthquake to purchase the spell. You can then bind the spell to either the RB, LB, B, or Y buttons.
  8. Once you bind the spell, exit the menu and you'll be attacked by a wave of Pangos and Crabs. Use your sword attacks on the Pangos to build up your rage meter so you can use Earthquake to take care of the Crabs. You can also use your guns to take the Crabs out if you don't have enough rage to use Earthquake.
  9. Once all of the Pangos and Spiders are dead, you can proceed to the next room.
  10. TIP: Before you move on, you can also destroy all of the statues in this room to collect some extra souls.
  11. The next enemy you'll face in this long hallway is an Ice Elemental. In order to defeat it, you're going to have to buy the Fireball spell from the Skills Menu.
  12. Lock on to the Ice Elementals with LT and launch fireballs at them until they stop respawning.
  13. TIP: You'll likely need to refill your rage while taking down the Ice Elementals. You can do this either by purchasing rage refills from the Items tab of the Skill Menu, pressing and holding down the Left Stick, or just holding down the button you binded your fireball to.
  14. Continue down the hallway once the Ice Elementals are dead, breaking the statues along the way.
  15. Drop down into the hole at the end and break open all of the sarcophagi to find the first Silver Artifact Part (1).
  16. When you find the artifact, the exit will open and the level will be completed. Head through the door with the golden sparkles to move on.

BOSS: The Light

  1. As the game tells you, the best way to kill The Light is to stay locked on to him and shoot him with fireballs.
  2. Try to keep your distance from the boss. Just stay locked on to him and focus on killing the Pangos to gain the rage you need to bombard him with fireball attacks.
  3. If you get surrounded by Pangos and can't move well, use an Earthquake to clear them out and give yourself some breathing room. The Pangos will spawn infinitely, so you don't have to worry about losing your rage source.
  4. Fireballs can be fired in the air, so make use of that fact by jumping over the Pangos and firing off a few fireballs at The Light.
  5. Finally, don't forget about the red and green Crystals that spawn in the arena.
  6. Keep this up and The Light will go down, triggering a cutscene that will end the level.

The Abandoned Coast

  1. Head forward a bit to trigger a quick event showing Ayumi being corrupted by the curse. Once it ends, you'll be attacked by Crabs.
  2. Like before, use either your guns or Earthquake to take them out. They don't deal too much damage, so you can just charge Earthquake up until its ready without worrying about getting hurt by their attacks.
  3. TIP: However, if you don't want to wait, there is also a red crystal by the ruins straight across from the beach.
  4. After you clear out all of the waves of Crabs, you'll then have to deal with waves of Sixwings. Use either your guns or fireballs to take them out.
  5. Once those are taken care of, your next opponents will be Pangolin Warriors. They're more dangerous than Pangos, but they're basically taken out the same way. Mash the X button and aim for the ones that look like they're just about to strike.
  6. As always against grounded melee enemies, if you get surrounded or overwhelmed, use an Earthquake to knock them all down and create some space.
  7. TIP: Always keep a close eye on your health meter. Hit detection in this game is a little on the weak side so before you even realize you've been getting hit, your health might be extremely low. If your health dips below a 1/4th of the meter, you might want to consider purchasing a health refill. If you die you'll have to do this whole level over again.
  8. Once this final wave is over, the level will be completed. Use this time to climb the stairs and walk all the way around the ruins. You'll find the first Gold Artifact Part (1) in the structure at the left end of the beach (with Ayumi facing the water) and the first Ruby Artifact Part (1) in the structure on the right end.
  9. Head through the level exit to move on to the next one.

The Stone Circle

BOSS - Giant Galapagos

  1. There are two ways to defeat the Giant Galapagos.
  2. The Easy Way:
  3. The easy way is to purchase the Teleportation spell. It costs 1000 souls so it should be within your reach if you've been breaking some statues and collecting the silver diamonds scattered across the levels.
  4. Your strategy here is pretty much the same as the last boss fight. First lock on to the Giant Galapagos and then use your sword attacks on the Pangolin Soldiers to build up the rage you need to bombard the boss with fireballs.
  5. The reason why Teleportation is recommended is because the Pangolin Warriors can easily surround you and deal lots of damage, making it difficult to hit the boss with fireballs.
  6. With Teleportation, you are able to build up rage, teleport out, quickly get off one or two fireballs, and then teleport again to avoid the boss's own fireballs that he shoots at you.
  7. The Hard Way:
  8. If you don't have the souls to afford Teleportation, then the safest place for you to be is right underneath the Giant Galapagos oddly enough. As long as you stay away from his head, he won't be able to hit you and all you have to worry about are the Pangolin Warriors.
  9. From there you can build up your rage to max and use an earthquake to knock both the boss and the surrounding enemies down.
  10. Once they're down, light the boss up with as many fireballs as you can get off.
  11. When the boss goes down, you can collect the Silver Artifact Part (2) located in the sand on the edge of the level that is opposite from where the level's exit is.

Stairway to Heaven

  1. Ascend the stairway and say hello to the most annoying enemies you'll have met so far, Phantoms.
  2. Ignore the Phantoms for now and just focus on climbing all the way to the top where you'll have some more room to fight.
  3. Phantoms fly around erratically and sweep in to swipe at you, which does a fair amount of damage considering how many of them you'll have to take down.
  4. You'll also find some Ancient Sixwings hovering around as well. The only difference between them and regular Sixwings is that they'll attack you from a distance with purple energy blasts.
  5. Since there is absolutely nothing around here that you can reliably build up your rage from outside of a Red Crystal, you definitely might want to look into buying some Rage refills on this level.
  6. Note that Phantoms can be killed by your swords if you catch them while they're swooping down. Don't count on this though, only do it if the opportunity presents itself and focus on using your fireballs to take out the majority of them.
  7. TIP: If five phantoms get together and have red electricity flowing between them, immediately take one of them out as fast as you can. If you're out of rage, then either use guns or purchase a rage refill. They're about to use a special pentagram attack that will take a huge chunk of health away from you no matter where you're standing.
  8. Once the level is clear, head back down the stairs and keep an eye out for a Gold Artifact Part (2) on a platform to the right.
  9. Head back up the stairs and proceed straight ahead through the exit door to end the level. 

The Ruins Above the Sea

  1. You can find a Ruby Artifact Part (2) right off the bat by taking the path to the right at the fork and following the road to the artifact.
  2. This level marks the first appearance of Monster Generators. They look like fiery red rocks that don't do anything but produce enemies -- in this case Phantoms.
  3. Only deal with the Phantoms when they pose an immediate threat (like when they start to use their pentagram attack) and focus on seeking out and destroying all of the Monster Generators. Simply mashing X to slice them up seems to to the job the best.
  4. You'll also find a couple of Monster Generators that are suspended in the air. It may take a while, but the best way to take them out is still to jump up and mash X
  5. TIP: During this level, you should gain the opportunity to purchase the Fire Blades spell for 1500 souls. This spell will greatly assist with bringing down the Monster Generators faster by giving your blades fire damage.
  6. Once you bring down all of the Monster Generators, you can finally focus on eliminating the Phantoms.
  7. With the Phantoms down, the level will be clear and you'll be able to exit through the exit doorway. Head up the stairs and then jump on the ledge above to reach it.

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